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Veterans Benefits and Senior Living: What You Need to Know

Dec 27, 2018 1:13:31 PM / Chris Harper Chris Harper

About 25 percent of seniors are veterans, which means that many seniors are entitled to veterans’ benefits that can make senior living more accessible and affordable. The right senior living community honors veterans with excellent care, compelling activities, and acknowledgment of their service. If you need help funding the costs of an excellent senior living community, here’s what you need to know.

What to Expect From VA Benefits

Senior veterans are entitled to a wide variety of benefits that can help them fund care and support as they age:

  • Aid and Attendance is an increased monthly pension for seniors who need help with activities of daily living, require residential senior care, or are legally blind.

  • Disability benefits are benefits paid to veterans who developed injuries or diseases during their service. Disability benefits may help fund a portion of senior care.

  • Residential care support is a veterans’ benefit that helps fund all or a portion of the costs of residential care. You may seek care at a VA residential center or in a community center such as Arbor.

Additionally, some seniors have access to veteran-focused companies such as USAA. Private insurance through these companies, such as long-term care insurance, may offer additional funding for senior living.

All seniors are eligible for Medicare, but Medicare does not typically fund the costs of long-term residential care. Medicaid, however, does. To be eligible for Medicaid, you must be able to demonstrate financial need or be classified as medically needy. “Medically needy” generally means that the resources necessary to fund the care you need are greater than your personal resources.

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Qualifying for Veterans’ Benefits

Almost all veterans qualify for veterans’ benefits. In general, you will qualify as long as you were not dishonorably discharged. You may also qualify if you are the spouse of a veteran. Special programs, such as Aid and Attendance, have additional qualifications. You’ll need to prove that you need medical care, and may need to provide medical documentation or details about your income.

How to Learn More and Apply

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) offers assistance and advice to veterans seeking benefits for senior living and other forms of care. The VA health care hotline is open Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.-7 p.m. central time. Call for help at 1-877-222-VETS (8387).

You can also visit a local VA office for in-person help. Many VA offices also offer social workers who can help you with assessing and planning care needs, as well as navigating discussions with family, psychological impact, and other challenges associated with shifting to senior living.

Arbor Company Types of Care

Arbor knows that veterans need a variety of activities and classes to keep their minds and bodies active. They also need care tailored to their needs. We offer four care levels:

  • Memory/dementia care is comprehensive, 24/7 care for seniors who need ongoing supervision and support for dementia and other cognitive issues. Our memory care communities boast a wide variety of activities based on the needs and abilities of our residents.

  • Assisted living is care for seniors who need help with one or more daily activities, such as bathing or getting dressed. Our assisted living communities also offer numerous classes and activities and a chance to remain independent for as long as possible.

  • Bridge care is for seniors with dementia who need more than assisted living can offer, but who are not yet ready to transition to memory care.

  • Independent living is for seniors who want to live in a community setting with easy access to activities, but who don’t need or want daily care. It offers the best of both worlds—independence and privacy, but with companionship when you want it.

Arbor and Veterans

Arbor believes in giving back to the veterans who have given so much to build and protect this nation. We honor your service and commitment with celebrations and memorials. Arbor Terrace Fairfax recently held a Veterans Day celebration that featured patriotic music and entertainment. Arbor Terrace Citrus Park sponsored a visit to the American Legion.

We have served veterans for 30 years. They’ve taught us much about sacrifice, commitment, and caring for others. To learn more about how we help all seniors, including veterans, contact us to find a safe and comfortable senior living community.

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