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5 Must-Discover iOS Apps for Seniors with Hearing Loss

Sep 3, 2015 3:00:00 AM / admin

Do you have a loved one coping with hearing loss? A parent or grandparent who is living in a retirement facility and is struggling to accept their progressive hearing loss? Thanks to caring mobile app developers, there are a growing number of iOS apps available for those with diminishing hearing. Review the following list of hearing impairment apps to see which ones can revitalize the communication skills of your loved one:

Auto Verbal Pro Talking Soundboard

Offered by No Tie, the Auto Verbal Pro Talking Soundboard app is an essential download for those with speech impairment issues related to hearing loss. This powerful application lets seniors communicate by tapping on symbols on their iPad or iPhone. Imagine the freedom your parent or grandparent will feel when they realize the potential of communicating via their mobile device.


Deaf Bible

Available from Faith Comes by Hearing, the Deaf Bible app is an excellent download for hearing-challenged seniors of faith. This helpful application features sign language interpreters signing Bible verses and stories in multiple languages. Your loved one can enjoy everything from Noah's Ark to the Song of Solomon and can share their finds via Facebook, Twitter, or text message.


Deaf Nation Mobile

Offered by Jed Barish, the Deaf Nation Mobile application connects seniors with sign language-interpreted videos. Interpreters use American Sign Language to give details on everything from news and technology to health and travel tips. Available as a free download, this video app lets your loved one save videos for later viewing or for emailing to friends and family.


Z5 Mobile

Available from CSDVRS, the Z5 Mobile application is a handy communication interface for those with hearing impairment. Features include video mail, phone number search, GPS-enabled maps, and contact avatars. This application works on multiple iOS devices including the iPhone 4S, 5, 6, 6 Plus, iPad, iPad Air, and even the iPad Mini.


GeoQuest Zion Deaf TV

The GeoQuest Zion Deaf TV app from GeoQuest technologies is an excellent download for those bitten by the travel bug. Using American Sign Language, this helpful iOS app takes those with hearing challenges on a mesmerizing tour through the Zion National Park in Utah. Featuring everything from trip planning and trail guides to wildlife profiles and image galleries, this download is a must for any senior or hearing-challenged individual with a yearning for the glory of nature.


These five iOS apps are just a small sampling of the helpful downloads now available to those suffering from hearing loss. Thanks to technology, seniors don't have to feel like shut-ins just because their hearing is failing. How many of these apps will you be downloading to your loved ones' digital device?

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