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In the know: Being on Top of Senior Health and Weight Issues

Feb 14, 2015 4:00:00 AM / admin

As seniors reach their 60s and beyond, the human body has different needs compared to the younger years. With family and friends as helpful motivators, seniors should also include their doctor as a consistent supporter of healthy habits. Maintaining a healthy weight is the cure for many ailments, from reduced arthritic pain to no diabetes at all. Use some of these weight management strategies to keep up a healthy lifestyle, not to force the body into an unnatural dieting state.

Substitute in Fruits and Vegetables

Senior women, in particular, often have a harder time at losing weight, especially after menopause. Instead of reaching for carbohydrate-heavy breads or crackers, substitute a favorite fruit or vegetable. Dipping a carrot in hummus, for example, offers more weight management solutions than eating a chip.

Get Active Without Impact

Physical activity is still crucial to weight management. Try playing the grandchildren's video games requiring arm movements. Even if seniors aren't able to stand up, they still work up a sweat using video workout games.

Weight Training Still an Option

Stay in a sitting position and grab a pair of free weights. Seniors don't need to pump 50 pounds in weights. Use 2- or 3-pound weights to exercise the biceps and shoulders. Strong muscles contribute to skeletal support and healthy posture.

Take Doctor Recommended Vitamins

A doctor's involvement is critical to proper nutrition in the senior years. Take all the supplements the doctor suggests and follow their eating guidelines as much as possible. Living until 100 years old is possible with healthy eating and exercising.

Get the entire family into a healthier state of mind by encouraging proper meal portions and daily exercising. Seniors may not be running a marathon each day, but they can be as active as possible with smart exercises and nutrient-rich foods.


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