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Five Reasons to Connect Grandma to Social Media

Jul 7, 2015 12:00:00 PM / admin

The elderly population is aging fast, but not as quickly as technology. Technology advances every month and it is leaving many seniors behind. Many grandmas are finding themselves without access to the latest social media networks and disconnected from friends and family. Here are five reasons to connect grandma to social media.

1. Grandma will receive regular updates about her family.

Grandmas often complain about not hearing regularly from family members. This is usually due to busy family schedules. If grandma is signed up to social media, she will automatically receive updates daily. Reading the updates will cause her to feel more connected to her family.

2. Grandma can connect with friends from the past.

It is likely that your grandma has lost touch with many of her friends. These days, we take advantage of people rarely changing their cell number, email address, or social media account. In the past, if a person moved to a new city and did not let you know their new address or phone number, it was difficult to keep in touch. Through social media, grandma can locate her neighbour from grade school, an old crush from high school, and even a friend from college.

3. Grandma has the opportunity to meet new people.

The elderly are increasingly facing more isolation. Some of this isolation can be attributed to health issues and lack of transportation. Social media offers grandma the opportunity to connect from home with a variety of individuals. One day, grandma could be chatting with a youth from China about their life. The next, grandma could be sharing knitting tips with a mother from Wisconsin.

4. Grandma can participate in online games.

There is the old saying that if you don't use it, then you lose it. Online social media games provide the opportunity for grandma to learn new things, test her mental abilities, and keep her mind sharp. While the social media games may seem like simple tasks to some, it is far better than no intellectual stimuli at all.

5. Grandma can share her history with the world.

Historically, our elders shared their knowledge orally through stories. As younger generations lose contact with their grandparents, these stories are no longer being passed on. Social media provides the perfect context for learning about others. Grandma can now share her favourite family recipes and cultural traditions with her contacts.

Social media is increasingly becoming our default form of communication. We are more likely to see pictures from our friend's last trip online than in person. We read about our friend's day through status updates instead of hearing it on the phone. This is leaving many of the older generation without access to this information. It is time to get grandma connected to social media and let her participate too.


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